Premium Fixed Matches

Premium Fixed Matches

After meticulous preparation and extensive research, we stand on the brink of launching a website that will serve as an ideal haven for our esteemed visitors seeking information on the most premium fixed matches with the best odds in the realm of soccer. Our journey has been long, spanning years of dedication, as we diligently sought out multi-play sources to procure the finest fixed matches from across the globe.

Having already established a robust betting network and cultivated reliable connections with our collaborators, we now proudly extend our services to offer insights into premium fixed matches originating from four continents, encompassing Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. The process demanded considerable effort, time, and financial resources from our proficient betting tipsters team, but the fruits of our labor have borne rich dividends.

The gratifying validation of our hard work comes from tipsters worldwide, whose overwhelming positive reviews have lent credence to our presence in the betting industry. Additionally, we have earned a certificate lauding us as the best fixed match website, a source of immense pride for our entire team. Encouraged by such recognition, we eagerly pursue the prestigious accolade for the premium fixed matches website in 2016, aiming to secure it for the fourth consecutive time.

Indeed, establishing reliable sources for fixed matches is a laborious and resource-intensive undertaking. However, with us, you are in the right place to embark on a path to substantial earnings from soccer betting. By investing a modest amount of your funds at the outset of this betting journey, you can unlock the potential for significant returns with our secure fixed matches.

Choose from a diverse array of betting offers tailored for soccer enthusiasts, allowing you to align your betting strategy with the big odds provided on our user-friendly web page. It’s time to step into a world of well-informed wagers and set forth on the exciting road to serious income through soccer betting.

Sure Fixed Matches

The Half-Time Full-Time fixed matches are highly sought after, and we usually provide them to our valued customers 3 to 4 days prior to the match. However, due to some customers attempting to resell or share our 100% sure fixed games with others, we have had to implement certain limitations on the timing of sending and the number of customers.

Once you subscribe to our HT/FT fixed games, we will promptly add you to our list. Rest assured, you will receive the game details approximately 8 to 10 hours before the match commences.


15th JUNE 2024



Half Time/Full Time

2/1 | 1/2


Odds: 30.00

Sure: 100%

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Sure Fixed Matches 100%

Now, you might wonder how to obtain access to these coveted fixed matches. It’s crucial to understand that these fixed matches cannot be obtained for free. The reason behind this is simple: the information we possess is highly confidential and can only be shared with trustworthy customers.

Moreover, we invest significant financial resources to acquire this privileged information from our reliable sources. This involves activities like bribing referees, players, coaches, and other key individuals involved in the sport.

As a result of these measures, we can provide our esteemed customers with reliable and accurate insights into the world of HT/FT fixed matches, ensuring a fair and secure betting experience for all involved.

Fixed Matches HT FT














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Michael Larsson
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Alexander Cipulis
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You are amazing !!! Definitely is the best web site for football fixed matches
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Daily Double Tips

Daily Double Tips

In the realm of sports betting, a plethora of information circulates regarding fixed matches. Each day brings a barrage of tips and insights about these supposedly predetermined outcomes, but not all of them hold true. It is imperative for us to exercise caution and validate such information from multiple reliable sources before publishing specifics about any daily double tips.

On certain occasions, we come across intel about fixed matches that involve three or more teams conspiring to manipulate the results and share points in a particular round. Our responsibility lies in carefully examining the veracity of these claims to distinguish between what’s real and what’s counterfeit.



40 Daily
  • One Winning Double
  • Odds Range 3.00 to 6.00
  • 90% Winning Rate
  • Recovery Double


120 Weekly
  • 7 Winning Doubles
  • Odds Range 3.00 to 6.00
  • 90% Winning Rate
  • Recovery Double
  • Subscription period extension if we lose


250 Monthly
  • 30 Winning Doubles
  • Odds Range 3.00 to 6.00
  • 90% Winning Rate
  • Recovery Double
  • Subscription period extension if we lose

Once we authenticate the information, we proudly present secure fixed matches for the current day. The odds associated with these daily double tips typically fall within the odds of 3.00 to 6.00.

However, occasionally, our sources surprise us with extraordinary odds that promise guaranteed profits, be it on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. These unforeseen opportunities are a testament to the dynamic nature of sports betting, and we strive to seize them in the best interest of our patrons.

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We select two daily bets from the Daily Double Sure Tips Soccer. Subscribe to our daily betting selection.

Sure Tips Soccer


10.06.2024 – 16.06.2024

16/06/2024 Sunday

HOME-AWAY    TIP    ODDS    -:-

HOME-AWAY    TIP    ODDS    -:-

15/06/2024 Saturday

HOME-AWAY    TIP    ODDS    -:-

HOME-AWAY    TIP    ODDS    -:-

14/06/2024 Friday

HOME-AWAY    TIP    ODDS    -:-

HOME-AWAY    TIP    ODDS    -:-

13/06/2024 Thursday

Real Noroeste – Nova Iguacu    2    2.30    0:1

Bohunice – Slovacko B    2    3.00    0:2

12/06/2024 Wednesday

Bragantino – Atletico-MG    2    2.60    1:2

VIFK – Rovaniemi    2    2.40    0:3

11/06/2024 Tuesday

Vila Nova FC – Ceara    1    2.40    3:2

U. San Martin – Ayacucho    1    2.60    2:1

10/06/2024 Monday

Deportivo Espanol – Club Lujan    1    2.25    2:0

S. Morning – Recoleta    1    2.40    2:1

Selected soccer events this week:

10.06.2024 Deportivo Espanol – Club Lujan and S. Morning – Recoleta with total odds 5.40,

11.06.2024 Vila Nova FC – Ceara and U. San Martin – Ayacucho with total odds 6.24,

12.06.2024 Bragantino – Atletico-MG and VIFK – Rovaniemi with total odds 6.24,

13.06.2024 Real Noroeste – Nova Iguacu and Bohunice – Slovacko B with total odds 6.90,

15.06.2024 ………………… and ………………… with total odds …..,

16.06.2024 ………………… and ………………… with total odds ……

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We select two bets from the Daily double expert Sure Fixed Win every day. Subscribe to our daily betting selection.

Sure Fixed Win



09/06/2024 Sunday

Real Pilar – Justo Jose de Urquiza    1    2.40    3:1

Start – Lyn    2    2.40   1:4

08/06/2024 Saturday

San Miguel – Quilmes    1    2.30    1:0

UAI Urquiza – Liniers    x    2.90    1:1

07/06/2024 Friday

HJK – SJK    1    2.00    4:1

Cobh Ramblers – Finn Harps    1    2.85    2:0

06/06/2024 Thursday

Torslanda – Ljungskile    2    2.75    1:2

Urena – Frontera    1    2.10    3:1

05/06/2024 Wednesday

Oskarshamn – Jonkoping    2    2.30    1:2

Cooper – Atenas    1    2.40    2:0

04/06/2024 Tuesday

Barracas Central – Huracan    2   2.40    0:2

Ireland – Hungary    1    2.80    2:1

03/06/2024 Monday

Sligo Rovers – Drogheda    1    2.20    2:1

Danubio – Maldonado    x    3.00    1:1

Selected soccer events this week:

03.06.2024 Sligo Rovers – Drogheda and Danubio – Maldonado with total odds 6.60,

04.06.2024 Barracas Central – Huracan and Ireland – Hungary with total odds 6.72,

05.06.2024 Oskarshamn – Jonkoping and Cooper – Atenas with total odds 5.52,

06.06.2024 Torslanda – Ljungskile and Urena – Frontera with total odds 5.77,

07.06.2024 HJK – SJK and Cobh Ramblers – Finn Harps with total odds 5.70,

08.06.2024 San Miguel – Quilmes and UAI Urquiza – Liniers with total odds 6.67,

09.06.2024 Real Pilar – Justo Jose de Urquiza and Start – Lyn with total odds 5.76.

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